Video Case Studies

Take a look below at some of the recent antimicrobial surface protection projects and repair projects that our technicians have carried out. Many of our business customers have been implementing antimicrobial surface protection as part of their back to work safety preparations.  We aim to film each of our jobs which enables our clients to show their employees what safety measures have been carred out.  This footage can then be placed on your website or social media accounts. You can also take a look at some of our repair ‘before and after’ photo gallery images here to see the restoration magic for yourself.

Cherry Orchard Primary School

The staff at Cherry Orchard Primary School recently requested for our technicians to visit and apply our antimicrobial surface coating throughout the school and we applied it to all key touchpoint areas including the canteen tables and chairs, classroom door handles and furniture, pegs, school gates and staff desk equipment such as phones and keyboards.

Modular Interiors Head Office

Watch our experienced technicians apply our antibacterial surface coating to all key touchpoint areas at Modular Interiors head office. Surfaces covered include entrance door keypads, door handles, kitchen equipment, printers and touch screen devices, handrails and much more.

Fossdene Primary School

Unfortunately, schools are breathing grounds for bacteria and enhanced protection is needed in order to prevent viruses from spreading. Antimicrobial surface coating was applied by our technicians at Fossdene Primary School to all touchpoint areas such as playground equipment, staff rooms and communal areas, toilets, classroom furniture including tables and chairs and more.

Belgrade Theatre Coventry

Our technicians recently headed over to Coventry and applied our antimicrobial surface coating at all key touchpoint areas in the Belgrade Theatre. This included door handles, reception areas, seats and armrests, and toilet doors. The surface coating is a great addition to the theatre’s cleaning regime and provides enhanced protection for all visitors and staff.

Wood and Ceramic Repair Case Study and External Respray

Within this video, you can see our technician completing a scratch repair on an internal door, a chip in a bath and an external respray.  Take a look and see what can be achieved with our repair service for commercial and domestic customers.

Heronsgate Primary School

Take a look at one of our latest projects where our technicians visited Heronsgate Primary School and applied our antibacterial surface coating to the playground equipment, handrails, toilets, desks, chairs and more to provide enhanced protection for staff, students and visitors.

Quantum Associates HQ

To help fix hard surface scratches and protect all key touchpoint areas throughout the office, our technicians carried out a repair and protect project at Quantum Associates HQ.

We applied our antimicrobial surface coating to their desks, kitchen worktops, pedestals, handrails, doors and door handles and more – check out the video!

One Family HQ

Over in Brighton, One Family requested for our technicians to visit their head office and apply our antimicrobial surface coating throughout the building including the reception area, door handles, lift doors and buttons and toilets.

Check out the video.

Howard Primary School

Our technicians recently worked their magic at Howard Primary School and applied our antibacterial surface coating on all key touchpoint areas. Protected areas included reception, handrails, toilets, doors and handles, window handles, classroom furniture (desks and chairs etc) and playground equipment

The staff from Howard Primary School shared “We were very happy with the surface coating applied, received a good overall service and the operatives were very friendly”. Take a look at our video to see our technicians in action.

Quills Office Supplies HQ

Our technicians visited Quills Office Supplies whilst all their employees were working from home to provide enhanced safety and protection for when their staff returned to the office.

We applied the antibacterial surface coating to the handrails, toilets and handles, desks, pedestals and the front door handle. Take a look at the video.

Residential Window & Door Respray with Antimicrobial Surface Protection

Whether you’re looking for extra protection or would like to give your home a freshen up, our technicians can carry out antimicrobial surface coating on your windows, doors, handles and other frequently used areas within the house.

Take a look at the video showing a residential window and door respray project with antimicrobial protection.

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