UPVC Repairs & Glass Polishing

A cost-effective solution to polish out scratches to glass and restore damage to UPVC surrounds on windows, doors and frames.  We can also provide a respray service for a complete transformation. 


Wide Range of Services

From small domestic repairs to large scale building projects, we can fix cracks, dents and scuffs to windows, doors and many more UPVC and glass items


Fully Trained Technicians

Our technicians are fully qualified and our management team have over 30 years of experience combined


Tools and Experience

We use the latest tools and technology to ensure that all our UPVC and glass repairs are carried out to the highest possible standards


Full Repair Solutions

Our UPVC and glass repair service provides a cost-effective way to repair scuffs and scratches to your windows and doors or why not go for a completely new look by using our respray service



It is vital for security in your business to have good working doors and windows. Replacing damaged UPVC doors and windows can be very expensive so our UPVC repairs service is the perfect solution to help you keep a close eye on your expenditure and create those important first impressions.

Our specialist teams can fix cracks, holes, dents and scuffs in your UPVC frames, using colour match technology to restore items to their original condition.  We can also provide a glass polishing service to repair scratches to doors, windows, conservatories, skylights and tables.

With little disruption to you and your customers we will help to ensure that your business is secure and looks professional.


Windows and doors in the home are often in constant use and it’s understandable that they become damaged or worn from daily use by the family. We can repair those scuffs and scratches at a fraction of the cost of replacements and with much less disruption to the home too.

We use laser technology to colour match the repairs to the original colour so you won’t notice the repair site and you’ll forget that there was ever any damage there at all.

If you’re looking for a completely new colour and new look for your windows and doors we can help with that too.



Our UPVC repair service is ideal for…

Windows, Window Sills and Frames

upvc-windows- window-sills-frames-small-1

Front and Garage Doors

upvc-repairs- front-doors-and- garage-doors-small-2



Bi-Fold and Patio Doors